Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I should be designing, but ...

I should be sketching, working out the pattern and reading up on Modular Crochet, however, I'm not. One good thing, as of yesterday, I changed the whole design in my head and am geared up to writing and working it out.

Here's my problem; I joined Pinterest. Before that, I bought this terrific pattern I wanted to make as a gift for someone for Christmas, but never got to it and I want to make it. Then, there was the last of the beautiful Patons SWS in two colors and some leftover Chroma that keep begging to be made into Brain Bands. Then I keep seeing stuff on Pinterest-food, patterns and well, now I want to make the Chi-Town Cowl with some yummy Malabrigo screaming out to be used.  I also, cleaned out my entire email folder (which was not easy and I owe a few emails to some people and will be replying shortly), READ and even commented on the blogs I follow on Google Reader.  This is big!

Technically, I am designing. It took two weeks and suddenly it just came to me. I will work on it within the next few weeks (it's for Knit-Picks using their new Brava line), but I have three (or four) little projects I wanna knock out, get them out of my system, get the yarn used up and then move on to the design.

Ah, but then there was this:   The Recycled Wine Cork mat. Alas, this one will have to wait til the pattern is written up.

Source: etsy.com via Deneen on Pinterest


noricum said...

Oooo! I love that mat!

Deneen said...

Me too! A friend made it using a drill press (which I don't own) and heavy fishing line (so it won't corrode).

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