Thursday, December 08, 2011

Some fiber art, but not with a hook

Again, I admit, I haven't been hooking much, although I did make a few chemo caps, have two bigger project queue. From not crocheting much, one of the projects I did, using a large hook/bulk yarn (My chunky winter brimmed hat)and hurt my hand and ended up wearing a support brace for a few days. My punishment for abandoning the hook!

However, I have been doing other fiber arts. My latest phase is dyeing silk scarves. I love dyeing the silk scarves because you can use the same colorways, hand paint 10 scarves and every one will come out differently. All end up being a one of a kind original. Plus, you get that added surprise of when you are done, after I unband them (the ones I roll and band and paint) or unwrap the steamed ones, of being surprised myself.

I made three sizes: 14" x 72", 8" x 72" and 8" x 54" and ordered my dye and more silk blanks, so I must be enjoying the whole process.

You can see by the pictures, the order they are hanging on the rack, the colorways are matched up by the first, second and third of each scarf and you can see the differences.

For today, back to the hook!


Vik said...

I am loving your scarves, Deneen!

CrochetBlogger said...

Silk scarf dyeing sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time! said...


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