Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I DO have a blog, but have been remiss in actually blogging-MY CHALLENGE TO YOU

(Sigh) I received an email today from Vik. It was the sweetest scolding I ever received. "Where ARE you?" was basically what it said. She also went on to tell me she was sure I was still creating and unfortunately, that part was wrong. As my last post mentioned, I really lost my "ummph", but with winter around the corner, I wanna get it back and add more to my repertoire. Andy wrote two days ago, basically saying "Hey, where are you?" too, no scolding :P. I do still get comments on older postings with pattern and emails regarding patterns, which is great, but I have been seriously remiss with my blog here.

I really do have plans, some projects set together to start, it's just getting started. I really do have another IDP pattern for Knit Picks, it's just getting it started.

I blame no one but myself, but I do blame an entity for lack of blogging by many, myself including. Damn Facebook. Too much time spent on things that are nice, fun to catch up, but really, everyday and all the time? I am not on all the time, but when I sign in, there are pages to go back through and with changes FB makes on what seems like the weekly basis, it's frustrating.

My Google Reader has over 500 unread posts, not unusual lately and I skim through, but never comment. Vik brought me back to earth here.

Remember when we started? Mimi, Wendy, Cordi, Andrea, Sara, BRON (who posted daily come hell or high water),Naomi, Beth, The Shrone (lack of linkage due to laziness of those who haven't blogged lately and I don't feel like looking to link up or you changed your blog name again and my Reader us bursting, but you know who you are), we all met through that tiny forum that grew into some sort of business entity and lost its appeal?, (I'm being polite here with the aforementioned forum, we all know what happened, but no need to rehash it all). We saw each other through relationships, marriages, illnesses, children and children growing up, deaths of loved ones, moves across country, divorces, we called each other on the phone, talked for hours about whatever...then came Facebook. We tried with small forums, but then Ravelry came along and I subscribe to a few forums, use it for looking up patterns as well as to answer questions, but still, it doesn't have the warm cozies. I have about a gazillion "friends" there, many who friend you cause they like a pattern, but you are clueless to who they are and how they even found you, so doesn't count. Not all stopped blogging, Amy didn't, but but not as often. Vera blogs, but then posts it on FB, so I comment there.

I guess what I am saying is I wish we could go back and get back to the blogging, get back to how we started, old and new bloggers I've met. I have to take the first step and read through Reader and COMMENT on the blogs, make the effort. I actually do have a project in mind (Nordic Hooded Scarf), and have a swap project to make. I also should finish up those socks I started almost two years ago, but can't find the pattern. I WILL start dyeing fiber and fulling, I WILL start dyeing yarn again and I will make soap and shea again, and will start those rug hooking/punch projects I have planned-I will. I will also write up that Knit Picks IDP project that has been in my brain for over a year. I will, I will, I will. Life is a little busy now, but once winter sets in, look out.

Now, I ask of you who are my original blog buds, as well as new readers-BLOG, COMMENT; I'll take the first step, follow me, this is my challenge to you.

ETA: Anyone I missed, I apologize, but you must not have blogged in a long ass time or I might have remembered to list you (said with love)


Barbara said...

I know what you're talking about Deneen. Facebook has really become a challenge and really does cut into blogging time. But, here I am my friend and Winter will be here soon.

Hugs XX

Joy said...

Innnnteresting. I just googled the former digs just yesterday to see what was up because I haven't been there in, well, years. Years. I feel the same way about Facebook, I love it and I hate it for similar reasons. I too have tried to revive my blog countless times, thanks for the kick in the rear to get to it!

Woven Spun said...

My old blog is gone, but I am still around and kicking (sometimes screaming too). I miss reading blogs and seeing what's going on there. I don't much enjoy Rav and have that love/hate relationship with FB too. I've entered into the rainy day blahs and wish I had something to write about but feel like I don't have much of a voice these days.

Deneen said...

Kimberly, restart a blog. Your talent is endless and I love reading about all the kids!

CrochetBlogger said...

I definitely go through phases where I'm reading posts and not commenting but I try to comment regularly to keep up that sense of community, especially with other crochet bloggers!

Deneen said...

Kathryn (CrochetBlogger), you post so much, I can't keep up and YOU were the one who forced me back into blogging and then I fell behind. You are one of the "newbies" I so enjoy reading.

noricum said...

Hallooo! :) (BTW, you spelled my blog addy wrong... it's "noricum" with a "u".)

Did you see that I posted two FOs the other day? (Well, *almost* FOs... one needs felting, the other blocking.) My posting has been pretty sparse... :(

And... um... I might have a pair of socks here that have been sitting around for a few years(!) waiting for me to mail them to you. You still at the same addy? Of course, I need to figure out which pair is yours. *sigh*

Deneen said...

Andrea, I fixed the link for you :). You still blog frequently and I do read your posts and yes, all of them. Yes, my address is the same and they're the freakishly (as you put it), narrow flat socks :)

Daisy said...

I still have the Yarnification blog up but haven't posted to it regularly in about 4 years. I decided a few months back to start blogging again and posted a couple of times but then sort of petered out again. Partly laziness, partly because I know it's doubtful that anyone's reading the thing anymore, but mostly because I spend too much of my time online on Ravelry and end up with no time left for blogging. I want to start again, but I just keep not doing it.

Vik said...

I enjoyed reading your post, my dear Deneen. I so much miss the old days at the Ville... We started something there... And we were just a group, we knew each other, we had the swaps, the raoks, it was wonderful... And I was the only one from Argentina, remember?
As you know, I keep blogging - but since a couple of weeks just private for my readers and friends.
You know what I think about FB, and that´s why I unsubscribed. I am very happy with the precious time I recovered!
Hugs, dear friend!

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