Monday, September 05, 2011

Long time, no blog

I apologize for promising to blog more and then not, but now that school will be starting tomorrow and all our summer activities are coming to a screeching halt, I will be back to some crafting and definitely blogging again. Besides, I have become addicted to my Kindle and have been reading so much lately, which is handy on the beach!

Things I plan to do: Sun dye wool roving, tie-dye silk using microwave, make felt material out of roving (thank the most talented Heather for this new technique, to me, and will also be visiting her studio), rug hooking and punching, get to that Knook and write up a review, use the Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks and write up a review and make a swap project for someone. I may even design and write up that pattern for the KnitPicks IDP program I've had on my mind for a year! Shea buttah will be made and I may finally make some soap once I mill the 10 lbs of unscented cold process waiting for me. My sock loom is also calling to me. I even bought a Harrisville Easy Weaver Size A loom off of eBay, but have to go through the book and see how to set it up. It was a used loom and a steal, but from reading through the instruction book, it must have originally arrived with warp set up and I upon glancing through the book, can't figure out where to even start.

You'll notice, no hooking listing (with the exception of trying out the Denise hooks and making the swap project and the IDP pattern). I haven't bought yarn (except for the swap project)in over a year or even picked up a hook all summer. Ironically, I have bought 5 patterns, but haven't even looked through them. Spinning-the wheel is dusted weekly, but it sits and just stares at me. The drop spindles, Strawrake, ditto. I don't know if I'll ever knit and may destash all my knitting books (yes, I'll want them once they're gone), wooden needles, Denise Interchangeable and new Boye set that's been sitting here for ages.

So, although summer isn't officially over and I don't intend for it to end without a fight, once the colder weather settles in, I will also settle in and get back to crafting and blogging. Cold weather and I are not friends, so be prepared for some new projects and ideas as I hunker down for the winter facing me.

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crochetBlogger said...

I absolutely love your to-do list. It sounds like so much fun! In fact, I think everyone's to do list should be that inspiring. :)

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