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Hookin' Up Project: - Crazy Crochet Blog

Thanks to Kathryn, author of the blog Crochet Concupiscence for taking having the initiative and creating the  Hookin' Up  Crochet Blog Project.  Since Facebook has become so popular, blogging seems to have been tossed to the sidelines, yet there are so many great blogs out there, but how do you find them?  Kathryn decided to dedicate July as Hookin' Up month and everyday someone will post about another person's blog; blogging it forward.

Also thank you to The Yarn Stop for doing such a great review of my site.

Personally, I miss everyone blogging, so I jumped in (like I did for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, which just about killed me), but I did it and through that I found Kathryn's blog, as well as a few new ones to follow, so I figured, what the heck, it's only one post, not seven and maybe it'll inspire me to post more, but mostly it'll introduce me to some new blogs.

The blog I am assigned to is Crazy Crochet Blog aka Crazy Crochet Ladies' Official Blog. The blog was a spin-off of a message board Crazy Crochet Ladies. I've been reading the blog, as well as wrote to Clara, who happens to be the author.  It was supposed to be a group effort with three others from Clara's group (hence the aka name), but Clara seems to be the most verbose and most comfortable posting, so let's just say it's Clara's blog with a couple of pictures of the Crazy Crochet Ladies' at their meetings.  That takes care of the name.

Clara learned to crochet and knit at age 8.  She is an only child and the women in her family were all professionals, so to differentiate herself, she decided to do all sorts of crafty things, cook , etc, things no woman in her family did.  Her grandmother was an attorney and her mother a journalist and during the summer, her mother would send her to their vacation home for a week or two at a time, so she could work and the woman who took care of the home taught her to knit and crochet.  Knitting didn't hold her interest much as a child because projects took so long to finish, but crochet stuck.  She made doilies, table runners, little change purses using steel hooks and bedspread weight cotton.  It wasn't until she was in her 30's that she started using heavier yarn and bigger hooks, but her soft spot is for thread crochet and filet crochet.

I have to admit, when I first went to the blog, the first post was about a granny square purse.  I loathe making granny squares and thought to myself, "Well, this is gonna be a challenge for me".  The I found granny square blankets and  after a few minutes of asking myself "What did you agree to?", read through some other posts and found it to be a pretty neat site.  I also wrote to Clara, asked her some questions and found out some pretty interesting little facts:  SHE ALWAYS HATED GRANNY SQUARES!  The look of all those squares put together as a ghan, the joining, making all those squares-she felt the same as I did, but there they were!  How did she overcome this loathing of the granny square?  She found a single granny square blanket, just one huge square, thought of the color possibilities and how easy it was to do.  Damn, I had been thinking about making a scrap ghan that way for ages, but didn't tell her that part.  Then she found a blog where someone was making bags to use as Christmas gift bags and she was hooked.  She has several bags done, but she also had some wonderful Tunisian crochet rugs, as well as some lovely doilies (another no-no for me), but alas I found toe up crocheted socks, perhaps we were kindred spirits.  I also found a giant granny square blanket one of the ladies completed in four days and was a bit envious.

Clara has been active online for over 15 years, although this is the first blog that inspired her to write and had her hooked (I am sure no pun was intended in this statement).

What also pulled me in, the volunteer work done for Cat Rescue.  Approximately half of her blog is dedicated to the volunteer work, her part with working with Forgotten Cats, Inc.  I am a softy for cats, kittens and after finding my own cat on my doorstep over two years ago during a snowstorm.  She, as well as some of the Crazy Crochet Ladies will have a table (with the purses she makes, as well as other handmade items) at the DE Humane Associations' Walk for the Animals event in October with the proceeds, after costs, going to the Delaware Humane Association.

It is a well written and designed blog and I liked her blog immensely.  Ironically, the two things I don't do-thread crochet and granny squares, are her passions and I think it was interesting for me to be able to do a review on a blog whose passions were so different from mine.  I will, though, make that giant granny square ghan someday and and continue to follow Crazy Crochet Blog.

Thanks Clara for being such a good sport and answering my questions!


CrochetBlogger said...

Great review. I am so glad that you shared that you were initially a little turned off by the blog's granny square focus but that you pushed through and found a blog you could really enjoy. This is exactly what Hookin' Up is all about and I'm so glad it's working in that way. Thanks for participating!

As an aside, I'm pretty sure that the blog that Clara found with the post about crocheting bags to use as Christmas wrapping paper was mine. I posted 25 bag patterns I plan to use but I haven't actually made any of those bags yet and Clara's totally put me to shame since she's finished four great bags already! :)

Deneen said...

It WAS your blog, I didn't put it together until I saw your Twitter name and comment name. In the "interview" she said she got the idea from "@ Crochet Blogger" and I had no clue what website that was and figured it out AFTER I wrote the post.

CrochetBlogger said...

Thanks Deneen,

@CrochetConcupiscence is too long for Twitter so when I set up my Twitter I adapted the name. :) No concern either way about it not being in the post. Just had to say that she's totally putting me to shame with her work product!!


Clara - Crazy Crochet Blog said...

Hello Ladies!

First, I want to thank you, Deneen, for a wonderful review of the Crazy Crochet blog!

It is so rewarding to read how the blog was able to catch your interest, and it is always wonderful to find other cat (and animal) lovers! :)

Kathleen, I want to thank you for putting together and bringing us into this great project! And, of course, for inspiring my lates crochet madness, the granny square purses.

I only hope I can do as great a job with my review tomorrow!

Voie de Vie said...

Nice to see you come out of blogging hibernation with such a verbose review!

Now if only we coulg get you to stay around for a little while ... :)

Louise Murphy said...

It was so good to finally find an up-to-date blogging community. Let me explain. Today in the bath, like you do, I was enjoying reading som old magazines that I have kept, which you do, and I came across an article on knitting blogging. Its something I have been been thinking about doing for a while myself and so it inspired me to grab the laptop - while hubby was asleep on the couch and do a bit of searching. As you know its never easy to find exactley what you want and you have to spend ages opening window after window, but finally as I said I have found more than I expected. Great review - loved your style of writing, so easy to read, doesn't make me want to speed read. As I said I am new and a bit lonely - not sad - in a new town - not met too many like minded people yet. Home is now West Coast, New Zealand - of which I emigrated to 4yrs ago from England. Have empty nest symdrome (think I spelt it right). Please let me know about other stuff and like minded people to chat to. Oh sorry - I love anything to do with crafts, textiles, yarns, not so keen on beading or cross stitch

Deneen said...

Louise, so get to posting! Follow the Hookin' Up posts (one for every day of the month and you can do a search by Googling "Hookin' Up". Also, Google "2KCBW" which is when a bunch did the 2nd annual knitting and crochet blogger week" and there are lots of posts. Hope you start posting!

Vik said...

Hello Deneen! What a great idea Hookin´up is indeed! I could find very nice blogs thanks to these reviews!

Misty said...

I really loved this post. You have a way with words and I liked how you described your feelings about granny squares and your discovery that Clara didn't like them either.

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