Friday, May 06, 2011

Holy Toledo!

On Ravelry, on average, the Bubbles Baby Blanket gets about 10 downloads daily for the pattern. Some days much more and other days less, but at least a few each day, hence I averaged it out to about 10 a day. On Thursday, April 28th there were 48!?! Is there a CAL I don't know about????? This doesn't include the ones from CPC and this site...someone clue me in (if you know) because I'd love to see what they come up with.


Voie de Vie said...

Don't have a clue ... but if I find out, I'll let you know!

Barbara said...

I don't know of a CAL Deneen but that just goes to show you that you've got some serious design talent!

Hugs XX

Krocheter said...

I love your Baby Bubbles pattern. It is my favorite when I need to make a quick baby blanket and stashbust on baby is perfect!
Thank you for sharing it!

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