Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Voila! Crocheted Felted Hat

I felted it, decided not to wait. Lesson learned: I initially felted it, in a lingerie bag, on normal cycle with heavy duty spin and hot water with soap. I tossed an old pair of jeans in for agitation. I took it out and it was still a bit big (IMHO) and the rim didn't turn up enough (amazing how the brim made itself), so I tossed it back in on quick cycle and hot water, no added soap. Now it seemed a bit tight (on my head, with short hair)but the brim was perfect. I pulled out both my head forms-one is male size and the other female and I am hoping it will block enough to fit the person it was made for. Luckily, she has a small head and fine, straight hair. If it blocks as shown, it'll be perfect. A part of me is questioning the second run through, but until it dries (and that should take a few days) and the blocking is done, I won't know. The only real complaint is how the brim seemed to curl more tightly in some areas, but with fiddling with it, it should be perfect. I used the Fiber Trends pattern.  I made the wide brim style in Patons SWS in Crimson colorway and I didn't keep track of the ball bands (I always do), but I am going to say a little over 3 skeins (and I pulled the beginning out of each skein to keep the striping correct)and a 6.5 mm (K hook).


Voie de Vie said...

OhMyBob - that's adorable! I love how that felted.

Deneen said...

Thank youy. I plan on making more, but different colorways. This was made specifically for someone who asked for Fall colorway and I had the Patons in my stash (as I plan on stash-busting since I have tons in my stash (no yarn shopping for well over a year)

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