Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Metamorphis or Will the hat felt down to the correct size?

I started this hat a few weeks ago and it started like this:

Well, I finished up the hat today and it looks like this:

Mind you, I haven't felted it yet. It is enormous. So big, when I put it on my head, the brim is on my shoulders. I didn't use heavy worsted, as the pattern suggested, but medium worsted and was right on gauge. I did use Patons SWS in Crimson and am curious how much it will felt down. You see, I have a problem. I have a front loader and I can't check, it as the instructions read. Usually when I felt something, I just toss it in, add a pair of jeans and see what happens, which will be the case in this hat. I am hoping it comes out like the multi-colored hat in the top (turquoise multi-color), but we shall see. Cross those fingers this turns out. I'll post the end results soon, stay tuned.


Voie de Vie said...

Well, one way or another, you need to post the felting results! Inquiring minds want to see. :)

Deneen said...

I most certainly will!

Maven said...

SWS felts pretty tight. I'd recommend doing it by hand and not in a machine, so you can manage the shrinkage. I didn't numbers crunch when I felted with it, so I can't tell you what % it'll shrink. :(

Deneen said...

Felted to perfect size for the recipient!

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