Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now? [2KCBWDAY4]

This is about the fate of past projects?  Where are they now?

So many projects I completely forget about even making.  I rarely make anything for myself.  A lot of times I make items just for the sake of making them and trying a pattern-sometimes I am happy, other times disappointed and happy I didn't spend the $120 in yarn the original pattern called for.

I had to go through my Ravelry projects and blog to find some of my favorite items.  Mind you, I give a lot of the items away, but a few I saved.

Favorite items I made myself:  Seafoam Vest by Chloe Nightingale
It fit perfectly, made with Cotton-Ease, I loved it.  It's too big now, but I still have it.

Next up, my Rasta Beret.  I found the Zitron Loft yarn in a little shop not so nearby and loved the funky bold colors and didn't care if anyone else did.  I named it the Rasta Beret.  The pattern name is "Crazy Everyone Needs a Slouchy Beret" written by Ele Schnier.  She sells her patterns on Etsy and I have been buying them for years.  I learned the spiral method using Ele's patterns and they are always mistake free.  Of all the designers out there, she's my favorite.

Next up, the afghan I made for my daughter Elena.  I taught myself to crochet several years ago because I wanted to make something for my daughter as sort of a keepsake.  I won't go into reasons why here, but those who have been following my blog since the beginning understand.  I decided to design and make an afghan for my daughter.  I had ideas floating around for ages and just couldn't get it together.  I DO NOT like making afghans.  Loathe the long project, giant item lying on my lap and don't do granny squares or motifs in general because of the joining.  First off, I decided it had to be a blend.  I decided on using Cotton-Ease.  The issue, they stopped for a while and I wanted all the bright candy colors, not the new colors they have out now.  So the quest began.  I had some of the Popsicle blue, some of the Pineapple, some of the Orangeade, was short on Bubblegum pink, had no Sugarplum-the quest began.  Fellow bloggers (back when people read them daily) came through.  Stacy sent me a skein of purple, Kathy sent me pink, was it Wendy who had Vanilla?  In any event, I pulled it all together and started in 9/2006 and finished it in 1/2007.  It was slow going, but I finally sat down, sketched out my idea and went to work, slowly.  It was a long process.  I did end up with edging around it because I didn't think it was big enough.  She loved it, loved the colors and still uses it on her bed and specifically asks for "the special blanket you made for me"-the one of a kind which was what I wanted, a one of a kind for a one of a kind daughter. Lousy pic, but trust me, the sides are all even and it looks like the day I made it.

Next up, a skull cap (link for Rav users) and here is a link for the pdf for free if you are not on Rav (it'll take you to my design page, click pattern and it will allow the download) I designed, without seams (remember that spiral method) to be used as a skull cap or chemo cap.  I designed the cap and noticed on Ravelry several were making them as chemo caps.  One person in particular wrote to me and told me she had made several for her husband who had brain cancer and they were the only caps he would wear.  She made them out of acrylic for the winter, so I made a bunch in cotton and sent them to her in May 2009.  She said he didn't care about color and loved them.  We kept in touch and unfortunately, Bill lost his battle this past fall.  She wrote to me about a month later and let me know, but told me she was donating the caps to a friend whose wife had developed breast cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. 
Last, but not least, the Bubbles Baby Blanket (link for pdf is above).  What started out as a quick shower gift has turned into a Project Linus blanket.  I receive weekly emails from people who found the pattern on Crochet Pattern Central, where it was put on, I guess in 2005, in the Crochet Pattern a Day calendar in 2006  and linked elsewhere,  thanking me.  They send pictures, they comment on FB, they ask permission to teach crochet classes using the pattern.  This pattern was uploaded to Ravelry in the middle of 2008 and 285 of them are on Ravelry alone and I am amazed at all the color combo's, edgings added.  I've made several, using various yarns and color combination's.  I even made a batch to take up to the hospital where my daughter was born and in the NICU for a bit before she could come home (preemie).  I noticed on weekends alone, this is a free download on Ravelry also, at least 20 something of this pattern are downloaded on most Saturdays.  I can't even keep track of the number of downloads this pattern has had, but daily at least a handful download it from Ravelry alone.  The first pattern I ever wrote (and it's available as the pdf here because I wrote the original pattern in 2005 and have learned how to better explain patterns since then) and who knew.  This is the pic of the original "Bubbles".

As for other projects, gifted to those who I know appreciate them.  All the Knit Picks projects I have up for IDP, the finished items were given to people closest to me.  The latest project, which isn't up yet, I am keeping for myself.  It was a project I planned to make for ages, but when the Chroma Worsted came out, I knew it was perfect for that and it's for me.  It's okay to keep something for yourself, no?


CrochetBlogger said...

It's definitely okay to keep some things for yourself. And then you know where they end up. :)

Voie de Vie said...

You can absolutely keep things for yourself! As a blanket lover (and maker), I definitely love the blankets! It must be so thrilling to see your patterns downloaded with such gusto. I know I'd be thrilled!

Barbara said...

Of course you can keep things for yourself! Who would appreciate it more? lol I know it'll be special anyway.

Hugs XX

craftination said...

I loved the way the Seafoam Vest looked on you. Yours was my favorite way back when we were all making them.


Dexter said...

I think your blanket is colorful and fetching!!

Deneen said...

Thanks Tiff, I plan to make another in perhaps the light blue Cotton Ease in my stash.

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