Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches [2KCBKDAY3]

In a word, ORGANIZATION.  I love when I peruse blogs and see the rooms with the tidy little shelves like in yarn stores, all yarn tagged, arranged by weight, color, fiber content.  Please, if I had room and time for that, nothing would ever get done.  I did, however, go out and get baskets to try to organize the area where I crochet.  I do have a favorite chair, Ott lite set up for darker yarn, all hooks and needles (no, I do not knit), but they have cases and are not loose.  The bamboo handled hooks have their own case, plastic another, Clover soft touch another, miscellaneous another and steel hooks antoher.  All live in a little chest next to my chair, along with a bag of buttons (mixed variety), gauge measure, stitch counter, stitch markers, blocking pins, Namaste case which holds small scissors, extra stitch markers, another stitch counter (for tossing in a bag to go).  Also next to the chair is a basket with my "must have" items; which include "Crochet in Plain English" and "The Crochet answer book", notebooks with patterns and sketches, tape measure, scissors, stitch counter and calculator.  In another standing basket, which used to reside behind my chair, but is in the process of being reorganized are all the magazines I have saved with patterns, a binder with printed patterns I've saved, two Tunisian crochet kits, as well as knitting booklets.  The bookshelf:  almost all crochet and knitting reference books take up the top two shelves, including books on spinning and felting.  I own a handful of pattern books, but tend to get them from the library first to make sure it's a book I'll use before buying it.  The wheel is set up in the corner with two baskets:  One holds a variety of hand spindles and the other a yarn meter, WPI tool, Rakestraw spinner and other items needed for spinning.  Oh and somehow a set of sock blockers got in those decorative baskets.  Also next to the chair are loose skeins of yarn waiting to be taken upstairs and put in the "single skein bag" which lives there.  There is also a pair of socks, so I do not get single sock syndrome, sitting it their own bag since last year-both half done, as well as two skeins of yarn for another KP IDP project I may be working on (or not). I will repeat, I am in the process of reorganizing all the books, leaflets and loose patterns as I type (this is more for me than you that I repeat this).

Old pic of wheel, set up is a little neater with different baskets:

Now I move to the yarn-sigh.  I have an antique cedar chest full of wool and some silk yarn.  All are bagged by color, type, but in no real arrangement, but everything is together.  Also there is a bag of super bulky wool, variety of colors to make that rug I have been gathering up the super bulky wool for over three years now.  I buy them all in destashes through Ravelry. There are a few Rubbermaid totes:  one has acrylics, another has skeins of 8 or more of the same yarns bagged up together.  There are also more giant Zip-Lock bags with fiber for spinning.  Scattered amongst those are a few boxes with all the same yarn in them.  Now into the other room, more spinning fiber, lazy kate, various whorls, knitty-noddy, etc (all spinning supplies, plus some fiber that came with the wheel-content unknown.  Also a bag of stuff I am destashing.  On top of the cedar chest is a tote with various felting supplies, a bag of Pakucho Organic Cotton in various colors, Japanese antibacterial yarn for Tawashi, variety bag of single ounces of fiber for needle felting, as well as two yarn winders. Also a box of sock yarn, why it is there, unknown at the present time.   Under the chest is two yarn swifts (one for table and one for floor) and Harrisville lap loom and a smaller handmade knitty-noddy. Oh and how could I have forgotten, my 4 x 4 Weavette Loom, my no longer available 2 x 2 Buxton Brooks loom, and Weave Easy mini loom found at a yard sale, sitting in an unmarked box, never used.   My blocking boards are stacked neatly next to the bookshelf, as well as my photobox, neatly in it's carry bag.  I have a system, but it's not completely worked out yet.

Do I know what yarn I actually have?  Yes and no.  I know I have a bag of Manos upstairs for a hat project, several skeins of Kureyon, anywhere from 4-8 skeins of a variety of colors, lots of undyed yarn for dyeing (ooh, I forgot-all the stuff for yarn dyeing including acid dyes, Procion dyes, Kool-aid and McCormick neons, with gloves, face masks and measuring spoons are in a closet with a steamer, crock pot and mason jars all for dyeing yarn and silk scarves).  I have 15 skeins of Cascade 220 being saved for who knows what, a bunch of Patons wool, SWS for a felted hat and also some pencil roving, all wool with the exception of an unknown box I bought off of Doxie which could be a wool/acrylic.   I have some of the yarn bagged up purchased specifically for projects and marked as such.

Because of all the above, I have not bought yarn (with the exception of a skein to finish Wyatt's blanket, which I had to search high and low for the colorway and ended up getting it online because apparently Caron stopped making that colorway (although no dye lot, but color number was different) and found some on Ravelry, in well over 1 1/2 years.  I plan to use up all stash (or almost all) before buying any yarn.  I haven't hit a Michaels or AC Moore in ages and haven't even been to a REAL yarn store or had any desire to in a couple of years.

ETA:  How could I have forgotten my bobbin/yarn bowl?  It's unique and sits on a shelf next to my chair (holds other stuff until I use it .

Now, if I could only get that mojo back!


CrochetBlogger said...

It sounds like you have a loose organization system that totally works for you, which is the whole point of any system.

Voie de Vie said...

OhMyBob - your crafty inventory makes my little arts and crafts corner seem oh so tame. And of course we won't discuss the yarn organization. Nope. No we won't.

Shannon said...

Love the yarn bowl! It's decorative and useful. Beautiful.

Mimi said...

I think its good that you can enumerate most of your stash and tools...I don't even know where to start and I don't have that much...and I wonder how much less organized we'll be without Ravelry!

Deneen said...

Mimi, I hope you me "we'd be" and not "we'll be" without Ravelry!

Mimi said...

Oh yes...and we can't allow that to happen ;)
btw, looking for my mojo too.

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