Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skill + 1Up [2KCBWDAY2]

This is supposed to be a post about where you look back over the past year and compare where you are in terms of skills and knowledge at this time last year. Tell if you've learned any skills or forms of crochet/knitting.

Sigh...here goes. Over the past year I have made one, count it, one item as a gift for the wonderful Wyatt and a baby blanket for him. All other focus went into designing and writing up patterns for Knit Picks IDP program.

Things I learned that I kinda liked: I have mastered spiral crochet. I work better under pressure (I knew this, but this year reinforced that). I have mastered writing up of patterns for beginners. I went through free patterns I had written up and rewrote them to better explain and got new ideas and made old patterns better and easier.  I even uploaded the updated ones to Ravelry and my site.I have ideas running through my head for two more designs-but, and this falls under "not happy about", I feel burned out just thinking about writing them up.

Things I learned I am not happy with: I lost all mojo for crocheting and I can't find it. I have ideas, but can't seem to just figure it out and write it out and sketch them. I tried knitting, my left hand just sat there like it was detached from my body. It felt awkward. I'll try again, but the whole mojo thing. I don't know if I'll ever spin, but damn that wheel and spinning stool are nice! I have enough fiber to fill half a room, unspun that is. I will gladly trade fiber for a nice pair of hand knit socks.

Things I hope to figure out and play with: The wheel-enough said. The KB sock loom is my next endeavor. Of course I own it, but now to try it.  Needle felting too.  Hoping these diversions will make me find my mojo.

If you look to my sidebar, you will see the patterns I have done for Knit Picks, less the one pending right now.  I have plans for others however this thing called "life" keeps getting in the way of just doing it.  Perhaps just getting back to blogging will inspire me to start and reading what others have accomplished will give me the inspiration I need.


Anonymous said...

Wow I have never seen socks done this way.

Have learned cuff down and toe up using Judys magic cast on.

Hope you find your mojo soon, it can be like this sometimes.

CrochetBlogger said...

I think crochet is something you can let go for a little while and then pick up again later when it feels right. Your goals in the meantime sound good to me! I like needle felting. One thing I want to get into is needle tatting!

Voie de Vie said...

And, of course, my post today is all about my crochet inspiration. Go figure.

However, something will click and then all good mojo will return, I'm certain of it. Whether it's mojo for the stuff you already have ... well, that's all together another subject. :)

tina said...

Excellent goals all! I do not own a sock loom but have always wondered how they really work out. I'll be watching!!!

knitabulous said...

I hope it's not a case of when you do what you love for work it becomes just work for you.

The good thing about knitting and crochet is that they will always still be there - waiting for you to come back to them, when the time is right for you.

Deneen said...

Knitabulous-that IS EXACTLY what happened. It happened to me with cold process soap a few years ago...

Jewels said...

Mojo comes back when you have a small success at trying something new. The wonderful thing about fiber is if you screw anything up, just rip and start again. It took me 3 years I think to block my first piece of lace; finally I bitchslapped myself and said "what's the worst that can happen" and I didn't have an answer. Now I'm not scared of blocking and am so excited about making more lacy knitting things.

Anonymous said...

You'll get your mojo back!! Your one item is a beloved gift!! :-)Miss you on FB.

Daisy said...

It took me quite a few tries to learn to knit. I picked up crochet pretty easily but I just couldn't make knitting work right. Maybe once a year or so I'd have another go at it and and totally fail at it.

Then during a time when I was a little burned out on crochet and wasn't feeling inspired to do much, I tried knitting again and all of a sudden it clicked. I mean, it was some terribly bad knitting (a dishcloth full of accidental yarn-over holes that was an inch narrower at the top than the bottom because my gauge changed as I got the hang of it) but it was knitting instead of a horrible mess.

But up until I got it (and for a while after, too) knitting was one of the most physically awkward things I'd ever tried to do. Eventually repetition made it easier, though.

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