Monday, February 07, 2011

Finally finished the blanket...on to the newest pattern for Knit Picks

Yes!  After working on this since the end of August (I wasn't working on it continually, please), but had lost my mojo for personal projects.  I haven't made anything that wasn't an IDP project in a long time.  I did test a few small projects for people on Ravelry, but really haven't done ANY crafty/fiber related items.  I HAD to get this done, as the baby is now 6 months old and winter is almost over (I hope).  My Bubbles Baby Blanket pattern, made a little larger than called for.  Caron Simply Soft Brites (just didn't feel like pastels).

It looks a little lopsided and lumpy because I took the picture on a chair that had a blanket on the back and that was smaller than the width of the blanket.  Pure laziness, but was so happy it was completed.

I also decided to start the Knit Picks project last night using their Chroma worsted weight.  I started it, first ball had a knot joining two colors, so I frogged it and decided to wind all the balls first.  I still have two more to wind, but no other knots found (of course).  This yarn is lovely, much like Kureyon, without the vegetable matter in it, but thick/thinness and I have to rethink the hook size (again).  Feeling like I finally am on a roll.  See how one little project can seem to hold you back?


beadsbybrandy said...

The blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!! :-) You did a great job!! Lucky baby!

Deneen said...

Glad you like it because it's for Wyatt!

Daisy said...


I'm about to start a third bubbles blanket - there's been a spree of babies here lately. My sis loves the one I made for her baby.

Crochet Goddess said...

Great blannket. I made an afghan out of almost like these for my niece. It was a ripple. have a great week.

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