Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Ravelry has a Pattern Testers group and occasionally I like to test out smaller patterns just because. I usually miss out of the crochet patterns because there seem to be more patterns that need knitters for testing. In any event, I got in on the Twisted Beanie and was happy because I needed something fast to play with and secondly, I can donate the finished item to a chemo patient.

The beanie pattern (link above) has sizing for toddlers, teens and adults and is perfect for a beginner. The pattern uses cotton yarn. A flower is part of the embellishment, however I opted out because of the chemo cap aspect of it and she had plenty testing it with the flower.

I made the adult size, which could easily be tweaked to make it shorter (above the ears) by doing one or two rows less of the open area. This used up almost one ball of solid Lily Sugar N Cream yarn (almost 120 yards).

I finally finished my Knit Picks project and shipped it out last week, so hopefully it'll be accepted and up soon and I can "unveil" it.


Walden said...

The hat looks great! Good luck on the Knit Picks project!

Run, Bike, Knit said...

Great job on the hat!! I LOVE the color!! Hopefully everything works out with the Knit Picks project!!

Deneen said...

If anyone knows of anyone who would need a chemo cap, let me know and I will happily send it to them.

Jaye said...

The hat looks really great, nice colour choice. Isn't there a cancer center in your area you could donate it to? Or how about HUP? They are always in need of hats for chemo patients, unfortunately.

Andi Pants said...

Cute hat! It is a great cheerful color.

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