Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Dance again!

For all those wondering, yes I did finish the shrug and there is a crappy pic on Rav of it, I decided not to wear it, but will try to get a pic of it on a mannequin ASAP. 

I am currently working on two, yes two projects for Knit Picks IDP program.  I am excited about the opportunity, but know that when I have a deadline, whether real or imaginary and no, Knit Picks is not hard on deadlines, I freeze.  However, one is done, but in the hard drive crash of last week (a whole 'nother story), I lost the word document and have the pdf, however have to see if I can get the pictures of the assembly from the pdf off of it since I also lost all my pictures in the crash and those were the only ones I had of the assembly of the project.  I'll also have to retype the whole pattern onto word so I can add new pictures and for the one, sizing change as my new washer felts wonderfully, however being a front loader, you can stop and check on it and what you get is what you get.  The differential was 3" one direction and 2" the other, all from the same pattern and yarn.  I also tossed in a shoulder bag I had done and it hadn't felted fully with the old washing machine and now it's the size of a childs handbag.  I'll have to remember that when I try felted hats.

The second project is a kicked up version of something I already did, however new yarn and totally new look and use and I think it'll go over well (I hope anyway).  This pattern has yet to be written (although there are plenty of notes) and I have made the project before, but ages ago and not with this yarn, so I'm excited about the prospect of this new project.  I've been wanting to redo this for ages and this might be the push I need to get me moving. 

This, of course, means the few projects I had bookmarked for me to make just "for fun" are on the back burner once again.  

Weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next five days (no more rain, yay) and so much to do, not enough time to do it.  My allergies are in full swing also; inhalers, nasal sprays, antihistamines, the whole nine yards and I feel like one big, drippy mess, but silver lining is warm, sunny weather and somehow the trade off is worth it for me, I think.

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