Thursday, April 15, 2010

BLOG CONTEST #1-"Crochet for Bears to Wear"

Random House goofed and sent me extra copies of both the books I did reviews on the other day. Now, I could have sold em on Amazon or eBay and yes, I did contact Random House and asked if they wanted me to ship them back, so don't even think I didn't let them know. However, I decided to share the fun and will have a blog contest for each of the books and yes, Random House was cool with it all.

The Rules:

Only open to US residents-Sorry, but some of the International postage rates make the book shipping way too high, unless you want to pay for shipping if you are out of the country, I'll take off what the US Postage rate is and you can Paypal me the balance.

I will use a Random Number generator and the contest will run for five days from today (ending Tuesday evening).

Comment on this post-get 1 entry.

Tweet this on Twitter and follow me on Twitter - get an additional entry(then leave me a separate comment once you do that).  If you already follow me, just Tweet this and let me know.

Fan Yarns and Musings on Facebook-get an additional entry (link on sidebar or just go to FB here). If you are already a fan, let me know in another comment left here)

If you aren't on FB or even if you are, post about it on your blog and get an entry (again, let me know in a comment here)

So….there’s a total of 4 possible chances per person.  I’ll do the random # generator thing (your comment #(s) = your number(s)) and announce the winner on Wednesday.  Sound easy enough?

First up for the contest is Amy O'Neill Houck's book, "Crochet for Bears to Wear"

As I said in my previous review and I quote "I will say this though, after reading Amy's introduction, if you thought this book isn't for you, it may be-why? It's a terrific primer for those who might be afraid to move on from hats and scarves to actual garment construction. It's perfect for learning techniques and design, without human sized commitment. You will learn seam-less top down crochet, ribbing, lace, colorwork, etc. Since bears range in sizes, this will also help you learn to adapt patterns for sizing. In retrospect, you could probably adapt the patterns for a baby. Even better, each pattern would only use a skein or two of yarn (stashbusting) and yarn substitution should be a breeze. This book has schematics, techniques, has it all and honestly, could be used as a reference book. So while, admittedly, when offered the book for review, I first turned it down because I didn't think I would use it (and didn't want to waste it)-so surprise for me!"

It's a cool little book! So, let the contest begin.


Anonymous said...

Ok Deneen, here I am. That book looks great, I was thinking when you blogged about it that it would be fun. You know I'm also a facebook fan of yours, but I don't know tweet about twitter.


Barbara said...

Well I think that it's pretty cool to be the first person to leave a comment. Also, I would really like to win this book 'cause I have a few bears that I could crochet some things for. LOL

Barbara Moore

Vera H. said...

Too cute, and I have a bear to crochet for.

AZBelle (Sandy) said...

Sure, count me in :)

Amy said...

Oh looks like a fun book. Please put me in for a chance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deneen, I'm a Facebook fan of yours, too.


CrochetnQuilt said...

This book looks fun. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Cute book! I am a facebook fan too!

GinaLaughed said...

What a cute book! I'm in! I'm also a fan of yours on FB. :)

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