Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes We Can, Yes We Will and Yes We Did!

I try not to get political on this site, however after staying up late watching CSPAN and the history making Health Care Bill reform get passed and listening to House Republican Leader John Boehner's "Hell no,you can't", (sorry Mr. Boehner, I did read the bill and change had to be made to our health care system), I had to share this.  You don't have to agree, the great thing about America is that we have the right to agree to disagree and freedom of speech, which I am exercising right now.

Peace out-


Lani said...

That's awesome. I try not to be political online either, but being a person who HAS been denied health coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and who has a child and a grandchild who have also been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, I say it's about damn time we did something about health care in this country.

I never asked to have cancer -- and yet the Republicans want me to believe they have my best interests in mind when they want us to continue in a system where even though Steve and I have an income that's above average we couldn't afford preventative care, I couldn't afford the every three month cancer screenings that could find my next cancer early enough to keep me alive, without losing our house. They want us to continue in a system where a hospital charges me almost twice as much for an x-ray or a routine diagnostic exam, because I'm uninsured, as they charge an insurance company for a person who's fortunate enough to have coverage.

BS to that, I say ... and YES WE CAN.

Crochet Goddess said...

I am happy that health care reform has passed. I hope it can be done so that no one will be able to repeal any part of the bill. I see every day people who can not afford to buy insurance. Just because you don't make that much or you don't have a job does not mean you can get medicaid. I hate it when I hear people say our grandchildren will have to pay for this! what does it matter who has to pay. If you do not have ins and you have to go to the emergency room for everything with no ins and have a hugh bill and you can't pay everyone has to pay because they charge us more if we go to the hospital. I hope this is the start to healthcare reform.

Anonymous said...

I'm very confused about the whole thing. I've read things about the law that seem good and other things that are very bad.
I'm very worried about the large corporations that we have left. They are going to be taxed highly and might decide to move to China.

Anonymous said...

I never said it was perfect and there will have to be some changes, but it's a start. Our country needs Health Care Reform. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are out of control here, dictating high costs.

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