Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung! All is good in the world!

I am so thrilled with the warmer weather (doing happy dance) being here.  One complaint, my allergies are horrible, but honestly, who cares, it's warm and sunny!  I even see a crocus has bloomed outside.  Hard to believe just last weekend the horrible rain and flooding we had.  At least now, the Christmas lights can come down and we can get all the tree limbs cleaned up out of the yard and do some yard work.

I won a blog contest too!  Rose's Designs had a contest and I found out today I won.  She has a wonderful handcrafted jewelry shop on Etsy including some Druzy pieces from Congo that I am told are rare finds.

A few patterns have sold on Knit Picks and I did have them add a line about using their new sport weight cotton yarn for a great spring scarf.  Same hook size, slightly different gauge (but gauge isn't important for this project) and it'll be 1/2" more narrow.  The new colors they have in sport weight are wonderful.

For all those who have Rita's Water Ice in your area, first day of spring means one thing, FREE WATER ICE.

I promise the next post will have that shrug done and posted.  Maybe some roving dyed.  It's just too nice out not to be out and about.  Hope everyone one has a great weekend!


Kael Hunt said...

Cool that you won a contest :-) Meanwhile, it's 35 here. In Texas. The south. Where it should be warm. Sigh. Oh, well: enjoy the warmth

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the allergies, I've already started my yearly double dose of benedryl to get thru the day along with my zyrtec at night. Of course, I sleep for the first week but then I can handle it.
Man I miss Rita's. I wonder if Mom can overnight me some...

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