Thursday, March 04, 2010


What is this foreign language I am speaking? A new element in the Periodic chart of elements? No, March is officially "National Crochet Month", hence the acronym NatCroMo.

What are you going to do for NatCroMo?

I thought long and hard and decided I would do the following:

1) Make one thing for myself (selfish yes, but I haven't done anything for me in ages)and it's picked out.

2)  Make two (or more) things for charity donations: chemo caps, preemie blankets, prayer shawls, warm hats and scarves for the shelters.

I have a few free patterns here (downloads for them can be found on Ravelry and are linked here) that are quick and easy. Bubbles Baby Blanket, Chemo Cap; Chumky Brimmed hat and tweaked a bit to make it smaller sized and tighter fitting; there are scads of free pattern sites: Crochet Pattern Central; The Daily Crocheter, Crochet Poet; Crochet Me and of course Ravelry.

Suggestions for others (both of the above) and:

3) If you've never "designed" anything, sit down and try it. Doesn't have to be anything complicated, just something simple, just try it. Write ideas down, look through stitch dictionary's, just sit down and do a free form design. 

4) Finish that long forgotten project that's been taking up space or frog it, reuse the yarn for something new.

What plans do YOU have for NatCroMo?


Jaye said...

I am so not a joiner, especially of made up stuff like NatCroMo. But I did design an afghan which turned out fairly well, I guess. It's for a church charity, do I still get points? :o)

tinaopp said...

Love the acronym! i'll have to think about how to celebrate, since this is the first i've heard of it. Did YOU make up it?? i'll probably exploit it for a post on my FB biz page.

Deneen said...

Nope, don't know where it came from. I call it NaCroMo, so I guess some call it different things. FB Biz page, will check it out.

FantasyDreamknits said...

National Crochet Month is real, whether a joiner or not. I've known about it for years b/c I've been crocheting for years. I think it started around 2003 or so, but you can find info about it at the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). I am celebrating my discovering new techniques. I've taken up tatting and crocheting beaded tubes. It's a great way to celebrate. Nice post, thanks!

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