Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow...Once Again and a Possible Cool New Ravelry Feature

No, I am not stuttering, major snowstorm here, state of emergency and all the jazz. I have measured we're up to 13" right now, but it's still snowing at a rapid pace and it's predicted 22". This is getting so old now. On a positive note, it's really peaceful and quite pretty. Maybe I'll get that "Git 'er done" project finally done or maybe not.


Good news is Ravelry is offering, on a test type basis where people who are non-members will get to see your patterns and will be able to buy them through Rav (provided you put the buy link on your site) or download the freebies I have up (again, provided I put the download link up) without having to be a member. This would certainly make things easier for those who have to print out the pages from CPC or here, however would take me a little time to add all the download links for the freebies. I'll see if I am chosen to be one of the testers of this new program they are offering and if so, will begin linking the 20 designs I have floating around online so they can be found in one place with easy downloadable links (You'll need Adobe Acrobat for the pdf's. I will keep you posted.


Vera H. said...

How much snow did you end up getting?

Deneen said...

Dunno, maybe 20"?, but now I hear another storm is coming Tuesday into Wednesday.

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