Sunday, February 21, 2010

Help! Looking for old disks

This is edited as someone asked me about this and I wanted to clarify. As part of a program I decided to join, I am looking for disks you would normally just toss (AOL, Postage programs, kids old games, Juno start up disks, even the smaller ones. As part of an upcycling, re-purposing project, I need these and would be grateful if anyone has any, that they please send them to me. I can pay postage, if that is a problem. You can contact me at Deneen(at)yarnsandmusings(dot)com. Thanks all!


Mimi said...

...sounds interesting, looking forward to see your project :)

Deneen said...

Thanks to the generosity of others, over 75 disks are being sent/have been donated. Thanks all.

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