Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All is well (for now)

The Wheel is down and I am now asking myself WTH is wrong with me. I'll muddle through. I just set it up, didn't play or anything and realized I can't-but it looks nice all set up anyway. I think I'll play with the support spindle kit I bought a while ago (this isn't the same kit, but same seller)to get a feel and I also bought a "Spinning by PattyAnne" 2 DVD set months ago, just for the wheel and from the "You Tube" preview, it should be a great help.

However, today, I MUST, HAVE to get that project done for submission, the actual item must be done and photographed, pattern rewritten and shipped. I am so bad when it's a MUST DO project. I also have to set up my blocking board, etc. Fun for the next few days.

Then, big destash on Ravelry. Over 3 quilt bags plus of yarn. Photographing, inventory, pricing, all of it a major PITA, but this yarn will sit here forever if I don't get it done. It's been in bags for ages and if I haven't touched it, I'm not going to. Too much yarn, period. I'll post when the destash is up.

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