Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking forward to the New Year

We had a great holiday this year. Elena did get her white Christmas, which ensued in the melting of 18-24" of snow in one day (the next day), which caused some problems with all the water, but we slogged through.

I am looking forward to the New Year for several reasons (and some goals):

1) I received a spinning stool for Christmas and plan to take the wheel down as soon as the tree is down and all Christmas decor is away. The spot is all set up for it.

2) I had a pattern chosen by Knit Picks for the Independent Design Program, which I am excited about. Many have said it hurts independent sellers (on Rav, etc), however my opinion is that as someone who has had some patterns published and offer freebies, Knit Picks has a major website and does almost monthly mailings of their catalogs-they have a nationwide spread that for a fledgling "designer", this is a great thing. I received my yarn from them and plan to start the project once Elena is back in school. Pattern is written, just different yarn. I am curious as to how it will turn out. I am using yarn with Alpaca in it (allergy to alpaca), but it was all they had in the weight I needed for the drape I needed and it should be all right.

3) Knit Picks Yarn Support also sent me yarn for a project a few months ago and I am ashamed to say I had been too busy to work on the project. It wasn't the project, it was the winding of all the hanks, but I plan to get that started also, once goal 2 is established. The pattern is kind of written, needs to be tweaked, but I'm confident it'll work out well.

4) Learning knitting with a friend using both a DVD and book. We figure weekly get-together should work for us. Fingers crossed here.

5) Wool dyeing-I have been wanting to get this done and think I'll get started.

6) Major destashing. I haven't been making many projects, although I have several in mind and have the yarn for it, but I just have way too much yarn and plan to really cull through it all and destash, major destash.

7) Exercising again. The Pilates ball is coming out.

8) More volunteering at the school. September through December was too busy, but now my schedule has lightened up and I can go back to my weekly volunteering. Yes, I miss the kids and helping out.

9) Spending more quality time with my family and friends. Making time for what is important is important.

10) Quitting smoking once and for all. I don't smoke in my home, however it's cold out and it's the perfect time to quit because frankly, it's too damn cold going outside all the time and I am tired of it. I have cut down to 5 a day and can't kick them. From a pack a day 15 years ago, it's good. My doctor says not to worry about it, but in NJ, smokes are pricey and honestly, it's like tossing money away. No one I know smokes. No more excuses.

Ten goals, all attainable. So here's to the New Year and THANK YOU to all my readers. My hits are between 600-800 daily and the emails I am receiving regarding my chemo cap patterns and "Bubbles" are always inspiring and I thank you all.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year and "see" you in 2010!


Linda said...

Congratulations on being chosen by Knit Picks.
Great list by the way. It serves as a good model for all of us.

tinaopp said...

Inspired - & inspiring!

Stacy said...

Happy New Year Deneen!!

Laura said...

Happy new year, Deneen! Congratulatons on Knit Picks - very awesome! Good luck with learning how to knit too! I learned how to knit on straight needles, but I didn't really enjoy it until I started using circulars (to knit back and forth). They just seem a lot to me to maneuver than straight needles are, and I like that I can't lose one needle (I have a terrible habit of losing things!), and that they can't iadvertentl slide out of the stitches.

Good luck with quitting smoking, too! My dad quit smoking in his late 50's, after smoking since he was a young teenager. He had a mild heart attack, and some other health problems, and just quit one day, and never smoked again. Even though I've never smoked (interestingly, growing up with parents who smoke was a big deterrent for me), I still don't know how he managed to quit just like that. My mom and one brother ended up quitting too, although unfortunately my mom started up smoking again on occasion after my dad died 5 years ago. My other brother quit briefly, but then started back up after all the aggravations of his divorce from his first wife, LOL!

If it motivates you, just think about how all the money you'll save on cigarettes can pay for new yarn!

Maven said...

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping for an abundance of good health, wealth, and happiness for 2010 and always!

Crochet Goddess said...

I hope you have a great new year.

Tiffany said...

Happy New Year!

Congratulations on the Knit Picks design. I know a few years ago they were reluctant to include crochet patterns so I'm happy to see a change.

noricum said...

Congratulations on KnitPicks! I wish you luck and perseverance with quitting smoking, I hope you get it this time! Just think of it as planning to spend more years with Elena in the future. ;) I heard that focusing on the positive helps people quit.

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