Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stylish Sack Bag by Mimi Alelis

Finally, after how long? This bag was almost finished a well over a year ago. It needed to be lined and then I could finish the closure. Well, finally here it is:


All pics clickable and no, I do not know where my boobage has gone (but apparently South!)

The pattern is the Stylish Sack Bag. The pattern is great-mistake proof (very important, but all of Mimi's are), has full color pics, as well as written and schematic chart instructions. I used Patons 100% Cotton DK I bought in Bermuda in 2006-I think I used up almost 4 skeins, can't remember. G hook. Sinfonia would work for this bag for those who need yarn found in the US. Hopefully, I can find some fun beads to put on the end of the drawstring.

Mimi definitely had a unique design. I remember thinking when starting on the bottom "what?", but it worked out great and I am so thrilled to finally be able to show it off finished.


Anonymous said...

Lining sure matches lovelyly. Boobage! haha

Wynn said...

Bag looks great, Deneen! And your boobage has gone same place as mine, me thinks ;P

Stacy said...

It does look great. I love the color and the lining. It looks like a good size too. Very nice.

Mimi said...

It turned out so well, Deneen! Love it...thinking of making another one in a vibrant color too ;)
I won't ask where it has gone, you know we have quite similar boobies :p

Laura said...

Cute bag!I love the color! I've never had any boobage (even after 3 pregnancies), so I understand!

Alexis said...

Oooh, that is CUTE! Sorry to have disappeared for so long. Trying to make a comeback. LOL

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