Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Yes, the title of the book I just finished reading self-published debut by author Lance Carbuncle. Yes, I just promoted a self-published book on poetry someone I actually know wrote-totally different audience for this one and if you're looking for poetry or a meaningful book, this one ain't it. If you are looking to laugh your ass off, get lost in a book that somehow you can't put down, has potty humor, has humor that would make your mama blush, this is the book for you. I have varied interests in different types of books (okay, I refuse to read any romance novels), but other than that-it's an open field.

First off, I want to give a hand to Mr. Carbuncle himself for his own self-promotion. I belong to Goodreads which is a site which people list the books they've read, reviews, etc. You also list your favorite authors. I for one happen to be a huge fan of Tim Dorsey after stumbling across a paperback of his in The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC. I'm of fan of Carl Hiaasen, as well as Laurence Shames (why, oh why did he stop writing his Key West stories?). In any event, Lance Carbuncle "friended" me and of course I read his profile, saw his book and what? Another Florida author with a totally bent and dark sense of humor. Another character who, in the real world you would be totally appalled by, yet reading the book, you cheer him on. Yeah, I bit and bought the signed copy right from his website (and yeah, it's available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., but just buy it off him, $12.50 with shipping and I received it in two days and yes, it was signed, however I think he held the marker between his toes and just made some lines. Hell, it could have been signed by his mama for all I know, but who cares, it was an enjoyable book).

Mr. Carbuncle starts off telling you if you are reading this you either received it as a friend or are family, which I am neither and I paid for it, so I get to give my unbiased review.

Most read for escapism, fun or to learn. This is one I read because I love irreverent humor, sometimes booger jokes ARE funny and yes, I like off-beat stories.

The protagonist is a 35 year old metal head who lives with his mama and dog Idjit Galoot. His mother decides to move to Florida from Ohio and he drives the moving van with his cousin Denny with plans to meet his mother there. Somehow this doesn't seem humorous, yet the situations he gets himself into from the beginning, as bizarre as they are, are truly funny and oddly believable. Without giving spoilers out on this, Christian terrorists, swamp-dwelling taxidermists, carnies, a b-list poopie-groupie, bluesmen on the run from a trickster deity, and the Florida Skunk Ape are all part of the story. Each encounter makes you cheer harder for him to get back to Ohio, after making it to Florida to get his beloved dog Idjit Galoot. It's a roller-coaster ride, taking you away from the daily grind, leaving you laughing and reading lines aloud to your partner/spouse who really might not be interested, but you read them anyway because you want to because you want to read the lines again.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who reads Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiaasen, Laurence Shames and even Christopher Moore (no, Christopher Moore is not a Florida author, however his sense of humor runs along the same line). Again, go to his website, buy the book, read it, you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. But for a fun read, full of irreverent humor-this is the one. It won't change your life, improve you in any way, shape or form, teach you anything, however it'll make you laugh and, in my humble opinion, humor is important and laughter on the daily basis won't hurt you. Besides, if you buy the book and totally hate it, resell it on Amazon, hell it's selling more on that site (used) than from the author's site-it's a win-win situation here.


Linda said...

I bought it. It sounds like a book I can't pass up.

Deneen said...

I hope you like it-I, with my warped sense of humor, enjoyed it. He has another coming out next month also.

Try Tim Dorsey too-read them in order because he uses the same character throughout (if you like Smashed...)

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