Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Possum than Turtle


A friend/acquaintance recently had her first poetry book published More Possum than Turtle , by Rosemarie Sprouls. The book received rave reviews and excerpts can be read at No, not my usual reading material, however, I did order the book because Roe is one of those people who you tend to gravitate to-she's insightful, witty, warm and yes, multi-talented. She's an adjunct professor of writing, a Celtic Harpist and recently I learned (shhhhh-she has a wheel and is trying to process some fleeces). Just when you think you know someone.

In any event, support an artist-go read the excerpts and buy the book here (yes, they take Paypal and it's a mere $12 with $1.85 shipping)

ETA: The book came in two days and I plan to start reading it soon-again, congrats Roe!

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Odes and Aires said...

Thanks so Much D
What a nice surprise to read
your tweet about my book.
Looking forward to signing it for you!

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