Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame!

Sunday was a gorgeous day and Mike's beloved Bosox were playing the Phillies. Tickets were sold out, but thank goodness for Stubhub cause we got 'em. Nosebleed seats-see the fence behind us-yup last row, top tier and the fencing had to be behind us cause we were so high up-a mere $160 for the nosebleeders (as I think about the old Veteran's Stadium where you could just spontaneously drive to Philly and pick a ticket up for $9.00). Citizens Bank Park is nice, really nice and even way up, we had a decent view. Boston had won the first two games and, as would happen, the last game of the series we went to. We did get to see Josh Beckett pitch AND hit a homer. Big Papi was called in to pinch hit (he ended up walking, but we got to see Big Papi). The collage was easier to set up and the scoreboard showed when things were going good for us. Trust me, Red Sox Nation was out at the game and we had a blast.


Philly fans are known for being a little radical, this is a polite term and yes I can use it, since I grew up here and went to many games in Philly and yes, saw tears from my baby bro for the first time in forever when the Eagles didn't win the Superbowl a few years back, but the this pic shows that you can class up the park, but you can't change the fans. Here we are, sitting in the parking lot because we decided to stay til the bitter end, waiting about 45 minutes to just get out of the lot. Now the lot we were in was right across from the stadium, which had tons of bathrooms mind you. Also, because of all the tailgaters, the lots have tons of Port-a-Potties, however these two, who were hanging out by a car that had chairs, next to a Port-A-Potty and were steps from the stadium, chose to use the shrubs by the fence to relieve themselves as we all waited to get out of the parking lot (note: pic taken from front seat of the car as we waited to leave the lot since we were stuck sitting in the same place for 5 minutes, which is about how long they both took). What is it with men, the bathroom they passed 5 minutes before a little too clean and private? Port-A-Potty a little too closed in? No, I don't know who they were and know they were Phillies fans and I snapped the pic because I was honestly startled they would even do this in public. Odds are they will never see this picture, however if they did, what are they gonna do-complain they were urinating out in the open in a parking lot full of cars and people when someone snapped a pic?



Laurel said...

Aw, they were watering the bushes in an ecologically friendly way...right?! EW! I think guys who do that are...well, disgusting just doesn't begin to cover it.

Thanks for sharing! :oP

Wendy said...

At least they weren't outside your front door!

noricum said...

Ewww! Serves them right!

Wendy: Or something even worse right below your bedroom window! *shudder*

Megan said...

lol..that was funny :) I'm jealous of your nosebleed seats! My lil sister is heading to a Sox game soon, and I might just have to hide in her suitcase!

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