Saturday, June 20, 2009

Destashing on Rav

I have some yarn up on Rav, destashing because I have way too much yarn and haven't been buying any, yet I think it's multiplying on it's own. I hit 1/4 of my stash, not including the cedar chest or the totes in the bedroom. I am still not spinning, yet have pounds upon pounds of roving, so I either have to crap or get off the pot with it all. I listed 16 destash yarns, some KPPPM, Berroco, Crystal Palace, CTH. I am sure I will be listing more in the next few weeks, it's just a PIA to take all the pics, upload them and then list all the prices and I admit, I'm lazy lately. So if you are interested, go take a peek, make me an offer if you don't like the price.


Lupie said...

I am glad you found my group Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry.
We have many great fiber artists blogs that I know you will enjoy reading and commenting on.
I will read and comment on your blog often.

April said...

Not looking for any yarn....but I just wanted to say hey, and how's things, and I'm finally catching up on my blogs! Hope things are well with you, Deneen!

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