Sunday, May 31, 2009


That's what I got for ya, NADA.

Okay, thanks for the help with the cushing dye (snark). I know most use Procion MX, however I received the W.Cushing color cards and I am going to give a try, but not anytime in the next week.

I haven't posted because I have nothing to post. I haven't made anything, written a pattern, dyed, spun or anything. I plan to, but again, slump city and I won't dye til I get the Cushing dye, which won't be for a few weeks, so...

I did buy some cotton/bamboo from StickChick on etsy, some DROPS Eskimo Print destash on Rav for the bulky wool rug I have been sandbagging bulky wool for now for about a year, some fiber from Handoverthewool on etsy (only because I bought two bumps from her previously and she found another bump of the same colorway and PM'd me on Rav about it and made an offer I couldn't refuse), so apparently I am buying, although it doesn't seem like I am. Oh, the Grafton Fiber club comes monthly, which I always forget about til it arrives. Perhaps I should start using some of this now that it's all in black and white in front of me and apparently my "not spending or buying any fiber/yarn at all until I use some of what I have" is pure bullshit, but a steal is a steal.

In any event, no time this week, too much other stuff going on.

I do owe emails (Tina, the "statement" was great-four months is a long time, you'll get the grant, you'll see) and yes, I promise I will email ya. Bron, I owe you one too. I haven't been online much at all and when I am, it's reading email, deleting the crap email, and trying to keep up with blog reading, period.

Gotta run, the sun finally showed her face and Elena is bugging me about going outside.

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Tiffany said...

Your life is sounding about like mine right now.

I have never used dye so I was zero help on the last post.

About to head to Montana for a month of vacation while I brood over not getting a teaching job yet. Keep writing! I don't always comment, but I like hearing what is new.

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