Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Any feedback on their acid dye or their direct dye (the direct is for cotton). Their method seems so much easier than Procion MX for cotton dyeing-no need for synthrapol, soda ash, urea, etc. Just 4 oz of salt and vinegar to set the color. I've bought yarn from those who used the acid dyes and some just sprinkle it on-I am looking for feedback on Direct Dye and colorfastness, etc. Anyone out there???????


Wicked said...

In a few weeks, I'll possibly have some comments for you on them.

Right now, I'm just waiting on the direct dyes card to arrive so I can really look at my color choices before I order.

I haven't dyed with the Procion stuff, so it won't be comparable, but I'll at least give my opinion.

(And having let someone who isn't a dyer at all look at the instructions for both the Direct, and the woolly dyes, yes.. the process appears to be the same! And so much simpler then the Procion alternative.)

Deneen said...

Good, I'll hold you to that (LOL). I ordered the dye cards too and I plan to order some of the direct dye in the next few weeks for cotton/bamboo. Dyeing protein fibers is so much easier and you can just use the microwave when using food coloring or Kool-Aid without any worries. Procion MX looks like such a PITA.

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