Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chemo Caps for Bill

Once I finished my newest skull cap pattern, I fell into a slump. I was on Ravelry and noticed someone had made several in acrylic for winter, so I wrote to her and they were for her husband, who is undergoing chemotherapy. She also stated her husband would wear a variety of colors, wasn't fussy, so after getting the measurements he needed and his fit preferences, I set to work to make him some chemo caps in cotton for summer. Whatever colors he doesn't prefer, he can pass on at the chemo center.

Made for Bill in Memory of Vin Thoms (Rest in Peace 1/19/2009). We miss you Vin.

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vicki said...

deneen hi sweetie long time no see sorry been super busy with life i don't know if you had heard or not but my fil passed away in april he had alot of health issues including lymphoma and i saw at his oncologists office hats people had made for patients so i made a couple too while waiting with him during his chemo therapy i think what you did for Bill is awesome and shows what all of your friends already knows that you are a very kind caring person and i for one am glad to know you i hope you are feeling better or at least hanging in there its hard i know take care and also wanted to tell you thank you once again for sending the shea butter that kathy(losingmymind2) sent i love it as you know. i hope life is being kind to you take care and hope to see you online sometime i know your on ravelry as i am my name on there is ladybird :) take care sweetie hugs vicki

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