Thursday, April 23, 2009


Just playing catch up, although not much to catch up on. I haven't been "around" to really post or even read any and played catch up a little this AM.

The felted hobo bag came out great and I'll post a pic soon and yes, I ordered more Noro to make another in completely different color scheme. Hopefully the designer will have the pattern available on Rav soon. She's using it to teach a class at a LYS near her.

Have not felt much like doing anything yarn related, been reading a lot lately, although I do plan to make a collection of cotton chemo caps for someone as a RAK for her husband. So that should get me through my slump.

I did scan most of my subs on Reader and didn't comment on any, although two of them I wanted to, but whatever I planned to say is already being said. It was upsetting to read bad news, but "R"-girl, you have your act together and you're gonna be fine. I didn't comment because I didn't want to just repeat what someone else said. You're in my thoughts. "B"-that came so outta left field, I swear I read it twice to see if I had misread. To say "flabbergasted" would be an understatement on my part. Again, commenting on it would just be a repeat. You know I am thinking of you and, when you can, call me if you are up to it or if you need to vent.

Both of you have been part of the same online circle from when I first came online and heck, I've watched the changes in both of your lives; your kids grow up from kids to teens, your moves to new homes, your joys, sorrows and triumphs and I'll have positive thoughts for you both.


Laura said...

I've been a crochet slump lately too - it must be catching! Plus I (finally!) learned how to knit and that has been distracting me from crocheting too.

noricum said...

I'm not sure who R is, but B caught me completely by surprise too!

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