Friday, April 10, 2009

Cotton Skull Cap

Sorry for lack of posting, lack of subject is the problem.

I did finish up a cotton skull cap using some Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy someone gifted to me from KYS on Rav.

Pattern: Cotton Skull Cap II/Chemo Cap

Several tweaks since this yarn was listed as worsted, however I have to say it's probably a heavier sport-weight to light aran-so hook sizes were 5.5 mm (I) and 5.0 mm (H) and I did one extra increase round and one extra even round. Finished size was about 22 x 6". I finally got my plastic mannequin head-this is so much nicer than the foam wig heads, for one he won't get dents like she does, but the head size is true to what the has for sizing and it shows how it will really fit on the average head.

You can get two caps out of one ball of this yarn.
All clickable pics

I hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter (the Easter Bunny is a known as a notoriously bad speller :P)

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