Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yup, I actually felted as I said I would, she's blocked and all set. I could not find a wooden toggle/cord stop-so it was either black or white.

Photobucket Before


Final measurements were 9" tall, without handle drop and about 7" wide. As I said in my previous post, I made it a little bigger then the pattern and used about 300 or so yards (maybe a little more) of the worsted hand-dyed. I didn't sew the flower on yet and am undecided on that one.

I also got around to felting my little bowl for crystals. This used some leftover Malabrigo.



Each took two rounds in the front loader.

I'm testing a felted Hobo bag for someone on Rav using Noro Kureyon right now and then I plan to make some crocheted felted clogs (tracking down that pattern was NOT easy). Yes, spring is coming and I am working on all wool items. Ass-backwards, am I.

I have a spinning lesson in a few weeks-I have to bring the wheel and all the toys (Woolee winder, lazy kate, full bobbins I plan to try to use the niddy noddy to wind up so I can start fresh), the original bobbins, etc., so she can show me how it all works. The woman teaching me deals in Ashford and mine is a Schacht, so it's probably better I bring my own. At least it forces me to uncover it, clean it off and get it set up-motivation is what I needed I guess and nothing like forced motivation :)


Knit Geek said...

I love that bag! The colors really pop. I don't think I'd do the flower, but that's just me.

I just made matching big-and-small felted bowls for potpourri, and have my eye on another felted bag (no wool in my stash though!) so don't be too hard on yourself about the whole wool-in-spring thing.

Terrye Kinch said...

The colors definitely!
I featured your bag in my blog today. Hope you see some traffic!
Here's my banner if you want to link back, I'd love it.

Knitting Editor

Lucy said...

Great bag and colors!!!!

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