Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inside Crochet 1-Digital Download Now available


Inside Crochet, the latest magazine just about crochet from the UK is now available as a digital magazine download. It's only £2.00 ($2.86 USD) per issue (bi-monthly magazine)if you subscribe yearly or £4.99 ($7.14) per single issue. You download their Delivery Manager and you can view, print, use clickable links, etc right from your computer. You can also burn a CD or use a USB to use on another computer
I signed up last night and was charged for the single issue price-so we'll see how that all works out.

The digital download was easy and I was able to burn a CD immediately. You just have to remember everything in the magazine is in UK terminology and you'll have to convert to US terminology.

They did have some terrific patterns and articles from US designers (Hi Amy! and Amy has a great article, which is linked above on it). Amy and Julie did a great job!

Anywho, you can subscribe here


naomi said...

I was just checking that out last night and was wondering about a digital magazine. I really like feel the paper between my fingers. Maybe I'll just go ahead and get it digitally, you make it sound really good.
I'll have to wait til it warms up a bit, still really cold in my house, gotta find someplace warm.

Deneen said...

I agree with having it on hand, however, this is nice because you can burn a disc and also put it on a USB drive or email to a friend.

You can print out the patterns/articles you want and still have a copy on disc for back up. The magazine is 100 pages and I wouldn't print the entire thing-but there are a few patterns I would like to try and it's actually easier storage wise than having the whole magazine for one pattern. We shall see :)

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