Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Wanna Be a Cowl-Girl Pattern Available

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This pattern contains basically 4 patterns in one.

Scarves can be so bulky and this can be worn as a scarf without the cumbersome ends hanging out. You can wear this inside all day, if it’s chilly in your office as a fashion accessory. Since having my hair cut super short, the back of my neck is always chilly and I looked pretty silly walking around the house or office with a scarf around my neck. You can make these in any color to go with any outfit. You can wear these up (the worsted version can be worn up like a turtleneck and instructions will include that version, as well as the cowl neck version) or folded down.

This is an easy pattern, should take about 1 to 1 ½ hours to make and is easily sizeable.

When I was in high school, a traditional “cowl neck” was worn very loosely around the neck and scooped down in the front. However, neckwarmers/cowls are being designed left and right and some are snug fitting and some are the loose “cowl” I recall from my high school days (yes, I am old, thank you for reminding me). So I wrote the pattern up for both the looser cowl or the more snugger fitting one.

The versions are written for using a slightly bulky yarn (yarn standard 5) or a Worsted Weight yarn (yarn standard 4). This pattern is versatile and you could make it for cool offices in Spring and Summer using a worsted weight cotton blend yarn like Cotton Ease.

Easy enough for a beginner, uses basic stitches and everything is fully explained including how to size up or down.

You can get two cowls out of one ball of the yarn I used for the bulky weight (Moda Dea Tweedle Dee).

THIS IS FOR THE PATTERN ONLY, NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT. Pattern will be emailed to you in pdf format, unless you prefer MS Word document (let me know) within 24 hours of payment.


Laura said...

Very cute! Come on - you can't be much older than me, because I remember the (big, long) sweaters will giant cowls too, LOL!

Laura said...

A kid that was born the same year you graduated from high school? Do you mean a teacher? If you think you're old, here's something that will make you feel young - my Bethany is selling Girl Scouts cookies, and my mother (who's 68) asked how much the cookies are nowadays. I told her $3.50 a box, and she said she remembers when they were 50 cents a box, ha, ha! You can't even buy a box of flavorless, generic cookies for 50 cents nowadays, LOL!

Deneen said...

Sheesh, brain dead and I deleted the post: No, a parent of a child in my daughter's class-the parent was born the same year I graduated high school and she has another child older than the one in my dd's class-that made me feel old.

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