Friday, February 20, 2009

Fiber Stuff-High Prairie Fiber

Funny how things happen in a roundabout way. A few weeks ago, while reading Sylvie's blog post about Ugly Batts ($10 a lb), I was intrigued-$10 a lb! She had a link that didn't work, but it showed "Prairie Fiber"-I "googled" "Prairie Fiber" and came up with the wrong site, however, digging deep into my brain (which at times is harder than others)I thought of Abi at "High Prairie Fibers", who I had bought some Jacquard dye off of three years ago, bugged the crap out of several times thereafter with questions (which is probably why she doesn't sell dye any longer) and would occasionally visit her site, which was first told to me by Kimberly .

Anyway, I went to Abi's site "High Prairie Fibers", whose link isn't just a regular, hence the problem with the original linkage, I think. Yup, it was her with Ugly Batts. I wrote to Abi, since she had some listed but mentioned they had a combo of fibers in them including alpaca, which for me is a major no-no, and asked if she ever did any without alpaca. The sweetheart that she is, she made up a bunch of batts without alpaca and even asked if I had any color preferences, which of course, once again being the PITA I am, I do. She made up a special batt for me and had a bunch listed (they're sold out now, but write to her and I know she's making more)last week. She mentioned they were "neppy"-a word I never heard, but googled it and it basically means has little balls of fiber in the batt, which means basically carding (which I have hand carders, which came with the wheel, which I haven't used yet, but it all falls into my having all the toys first routine)it will make you lose a lot of fiber. However, thanks to Sylvie's Hackle post, I bought a hackle back in December. The cheaper version of Sylvie's (basic version with hand clamps instead of the screw clamps,but it'll do.) The hackle intrigued me also, I had some plain colored fiber I could blend with it; okay, I wanted the damn hackle and I bought it. Makes a wonderful weapon also, I might add, but in any event I starting thinking-ooh, hackle and Ugly Batt-a project (again, needing all the toys before starting anything), so off to buy the Ugly Batt. Besides, handspun isn't supposed to look perfect, want perfect looking yarn, go buy it at a store (as someone recently told me when I mentioned my fear of spinning because it wouldn't be "perfect"), so let it have some funky neppy texture. It's now becoming clear, Sylvie is an enabler and perhaps I should stop reading her blog.


The first pic shows the box it came in-however, I cannot get it back into the box for anything, so I assume it has just multiplied in size. The second is it all rolled up to show the color mix. The third pic is it rolled next to Elena's beloved 14" Ugly Doll (which seems appropriate that the Ugly doll would hang with the Ugly batt, no?) , Mr. Blick (which Michael (dh) brought home because when they first started out in 2002, I think they were in NJ and he was their financial planner for a related company and they gave him one to bring home to Elena and she's taken it on vacations with us, etc ever since)-so he's one of the original 14" pink Ugly dogs (yes, Elena thinks he's a cat and so did I). The last pic is it rolled out, the length of her twin size bed.

Of course, I also picked up a Mystery wood Nostepinne too-all for a good cause-Abi's other love Iowa Parrot Rescue, where 100% of the proceeds go to. The nostepinnes are made from the dowel perches of the cages they buy and then replace the perches with natural branches. She doesn't have them listed now either, but email her, bet she still has some. Yes, I have a swift and ball winder, but sometimes I don't want to set it all up and having a portable tool is nice to keep in the work bag. Okay, so I wanted one and just bought it, sheesh.


Abi also has some wonderful handpainted roving and some gorgeous painted locks, as well as sampler packs. She also processes fiber. Go, visit, shop, but sorry I already asked about the Damsel Fly and so just consider it sold (LOL).

She does update her shop frequently, you have to email her to order, she accepts Paypal and is terrific about getting back to you and really great with support questions. High Prairie Fibers is an indie supplier worth looking at.

Please note, I am not being paid for this review, affiliated with High Prairie Fibers, just sometimes you run into a supplier or a deal you want to share and this is one of those times.


naomi said...

Okay missey, you have no room to complain about enablers...............I have 1.5pounds of Romney roving, 1 pound of Bluefaced Leicester batt that just came today, about 1 pound of Jacob roving coming and some more roving, like about 6 pounds, from ,that should be here tomorrow or Monday. Now because of your post, I want some Ugly Batts too ! And I have been looking for a good price on hand carders and a hackle, thanks to you I have a good place to get a hackle.
Do you have a niddy noddy yet ? Let me enable you now, check out this etsy site . Beautiful niddy noddy and works great !
As you can most likely tell, I too like all of the toys that go with a craft :)

Deneen said...

Naomi, I have lbs of fiber too-just $10 a lb, even with shipping, it was a good deal. Go to Spinners Marketplace for carders on rav.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, this should would out perfectly for a project I am working on.

naomi said...

Yeah, I've been watching rav,both spinners marketplace and the used equipment and I've been checking craigslist. You know that after I buy the carders some will be available on both rav and craigslist :)

April said...

Beautiful colorway. i cannot wait to see what becomes of it!

Kari said...


SylvChezPlum said...

Hey deneen, I had never realised for the link.. and fixed it just now ! :-P
i'll have to look further into your blog, have you used the hackle yet ? I'd be so curious to see ! :-)
And would love to see how you spun the ugly batt too ! I'm actually using mine mostly for felting (felted soaps work terrific with it) and whenever I need scrap fiber as it doesn't spin so pretty as finer fibers.. (but don't get me wrong, I LOVE my ugly batt and having such pretty colored "scrap fiber"..:-D )

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