Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cotton Skull Cap (great as a Chemo Cap)-Part II

This patternhas bugged me since I wrote it in 2006-why? Seams and I hate join seams. I have finally rewritten it and someone is testing it and I will repost it here and on the original pattern page once all the testing is done. Completely done in the round, easily sizable, one hook size, one ball of Sugar N Cream Ombres (for the largest size) with about a yard to spare. Done in Painted Desert.


It's a great charity pattern and there have been tons of downloads of it, which makes me cringe because I hate the original pattern-so hopefully this one will make me happy and will look even nicer and still be a big hit.

Also, reading Regina's post today,forced me to look at the Ashford Looms (and no, not getting one) and dealers in the area and sure enough, just like my librarian has been telling me for six months, less than 9 miles from my house is someone who owns a sheep farm and teaches spinning classes-free. She's an Ashford Dealer, but if you bring your wheel, she's happy to teach. I lived in that area 15 years ago for 8 years and heard of her, but only that her husband made decoys. When the librarian (Linda) told me about calling her, I put it off because I figured "why would anyone want to have a stranger come and talk to her about spinning?". Well I called, talked to her husband, who is also well versed in drop spindles, wheels, etc and he mentioned they're into felting now, so double woot for me. Once she calls back, I'll lug the wheel into the Element (thank goodness I have it cause I have no idea how I would transport it in a car) and see how it all goes. It's a start or a shove for me, three years and there she sits.

Off to type out the pattern and have it tested and then make it available for all those who use it to donate chemo caps.

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