Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Hat

I got this yarn from KYS on Ravelry, Sean Sheep Armytage and it's not available in the US and it's a shame, the hat worked out nicely and I preferred how it came out using this rather than the Noro. It's the Rook Hat pattern from Sophie Kessinger and is a free pattern available on Ravelry.

Knit and Crochet standards have the "average" mans head size to be 22", but I have found a lot of men and women need a larger hat, so this one was made bigger with a 24" circumference and I added a crab stitch border at the end. The Armytage I had had more yardage than listed on Rav and one skein made the hat with a bit leftover.


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Oh, and yes Jaye, ya smartass, I made and finished an afghan, much to my surprise also. Of course, then Elena put in a request for one in certain colors quickly forgetting the ghan I specially designed and made for her, now she needs one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Maybe for next Christmas was my reply, one adult ghan a year is my limit.


Lucy said...

very nice...I like that hat!

Laura said...

Very pretty hat! I don't have much patience for afghans, either. I started a small ripple "blankie" for my son a year ago, and still need to finish it. It's hard to get motivated when each row takes sooo long!

noricum said...

Nice hat! Too bad the yarn isn't available. Is it Australian, I guess?

noricum said...

How funny... I googled it. It is Australian, but Walmart Canada has it. Plus, it's inexpensive! (From another blog post.) Perhaps in time it'll make it to the US.

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