Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Ghan?

AArgh is all I am gonna say. Someone asked specifically for a ghan for Christmas. Now mind you, I did buy the yarn for the ghan for last Christmas, had it neatly tucked away in a blanket bag, but then he asked again (oh the nerve to remember)! So out came the ghan, I frogged what I started and started my own pattern. He WANTS probably a queen sized ghan, he's getting one about 50" across until I run out of yarn-I have 12 skeins of yarn, each panel takes almost a full skein-so I have 8 panels to go-wish me luck, you know I hate the long ass project.

I plan to make a few "One Row Lace Cowl" warmers from Without Seams as some little gifts, however it seems I just keep making this darn ghan. I have had her Eva Shawl and Carmen Shawl bookmarked forever, have the yarn for it too-darn ghan.

Last night, I saw my darling brother who again mentioned the "ghan" and Elena, being a kid, blurted out "Yes, she's making it and not liking it having to do it one bit!". So there you have it folks, even my will be 9 in less than two weeks child knows how the ghan haunts me.

Yup, she'll be 9 in less than two weeks and oh how quickly the time has flown.


April said...

Oh no! As soon as I saw the word "ghan" I wondered what happened to your B's ghan last year....and now I know. Good luck hon!

Laura said...

Elena is funny, LOL! I have no patience for large projects like afghans. The last one I made was a full-size one for my daughter's bed, and I finished it up before it quite got to full size, because I was tired of working on it. I started a ripple "blankie" for my son last year, and still haven't finished it because it takes so long just to get through a couple of rows. Poor kid - he's keeps asking me about it!

Good luck with the afghan!

P.S. Are you still at the BOE? I got laid off yesterday - sigh...

Sandra said...

Lawzee, chirren do keep us honest;
too funny!

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