Wednesday, October 01, 2008


My mail carrier was killed in a horrific car accident last night. I am stunned.

Lots of people don't know their mail carrier, their name or anything, but as a SAHM, I knew mine. She generally came when I was at the bus stop and we would chat. A few years ago, when I was really sick, she used to bring the mail to the door instead of leaving it in the mailbox (rural route here) even though the box is steps away from my front door, but she knew how sick I was and just did it-never had to ask, just did it on her own. She would bring me brochures on Carrot Juice and building the immune system. When I felt better and it showed, she commented and never failed to ask how things were going. She would comment on how tall Elena had gotten or how quickly time had gone by because, when we first moved here, Elena was only 3 and it was shocking to her to see how she went from a toddler to a little girl and it seemed so fast. She asked about Mike. When a friend passed away, she expressed her condolences and concern. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face, always.

When you live in a small community, you get to know the people who work at the post office, library, etc and honestly, this hit so close to home. The accident was on the news last night and a neighbor called and mentioned it looked like her vehicle she used for delivering our mail (rural carriers use their own vehicles)-an old USPS Jeep that must have been 20 years old. I kept telling the neighbor "Impossible, the accident was at 4:30-she shouldn't have been done by then." Besides that, Elena was sick yesterday and I had to take her to the pediatrician and I passed the area of the accident and saw an old mail Jeep sitting parked there and I figured someone lost control of their car and hit the parked Jeep.

Finally, I called a friend who works at the post office and the first thing he said was "You heard". Tuesday is the lightest mail day of the week-it's usually personal mail mailed on Saturday, so she would have gotten done earlier than usual. I later found out a few of the carriers park their rural vehicles at the location where the accident occurred and then drive their regular cars home at the end of the day. It's so sad.

My heart goes out to her family and co-workers, who were also like a family to her. May she rest in peace. Our neighborhood will miss her terribly.


Slick said...

That's awful...

Nothing worse than a life cut short.

My thoughts are with your community and his family.

Slick said...

Her family...her family.


Laura said...

How horrible. I'm very sorry to hear this.

My husband's niece was killed in a car accident on her way home from work last summer - hit a tree. She was 23 and married with 4 year old and 6 month old boys. Her 4 year old was only a couple of months older than my son. The accident happened right around the corner from her house. Her husband got worried when she never came home from work and wouldn't answer her cell phone, so he went out looking for her, and saw her car wrapped (literally - I saw a photo of in the paper, and it was literally wrapped) around
a tree. Going to her funeral was very hard, in some ways harder than going to my dad's funeral a few years ago, because she was so young. You just never know how much time you have left in this world.

My condolences to you.

DixieRedHead said...

that really made my heart stop D. as a mail carrier, I know it could happen to me. I pray everyday as I leave for the route for God to protect me.
I'm so sorry to hear about this. I pray for the family and your community.

Stacy said...

How terrible! My heart goes out to you all. I'm so sorry that you lost your friend.

noricum said...


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