Monday, October 13, 2008

Can Anyone Answer This Question?

Bloglines has been having feed problems and shows my feed is having problems (all of them apparently) and shows I haven't updated since October 1st. I don't know why or anything, but I generally get the same amount of hits daily, about 75 hits. Today, Sunday, I had about 610 hits and most came from Crochet Pattern Central. I checked their site, nothing special about patterns or me on it, so why suddenly so many hits and so many from so many different parts of the country? It wasn't just one pattern either, it was almost all of them and not from the same person.

Weird, odd, who knows?

ETA: I found this and it has linked up to my site, but this was from 2007. Still confused.


Slick said...

Don't know about Bloglines...

I love my Google Reader!

elaines630 said...

I am running into this problem too for some other blogs. I'm thinking of using google reader instead now.

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