Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And You Thought Ravelry Was Just About Fiber

I knew there were lot of groups, but this one (Rav Link) really caught my attention today (and yes, I joined)

For those not in Rav, the group is called "Sarah Palin Must Be Stopped" and this is their blurb under the title: For those who *really* don't want to see this woman anywhere near the 48 continental United States, much less the White House. (And, it looks like Hawaii doesn't want her, either.)

With an intro like that, how could I not join?????


Priscilla said...

I joined this group as soon as I found it on Ravelry. I'm having trouble keeping up with all the posts, though. It is an active group! And I'm so pleased that the number of members keeps going up. It makes me feel like there is hope for this country yet.

Slick said...

LOL...too funny.

I may have to sign up for that!

naomi said...

Thanks for the heads up ! I'm going to join just as soon as I finish typing.

Linda said...

I joined, too, but with all of the posts I won't be able to read all of them before the election.
(It did my heart good to see the number of members who joined.) It gives me hope for the coming election.

Andy's Crafts said...

I will be joining after I finish this posting!

That's MIZZ Gypsy To You! said...

I'm joining the group but from the sound of it I think I'll be doing it just to show support.

She's bad enough but her followers send a freezing cold chill down my spine.

Karen said...

You betcha I'm going to join!

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