Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pattern Testing: Sombrero Tea Cozy

I finished "Phase one" of baby items, still have another, but wanted a few little things in between-the "Ex Bag" is on the list (with thanks to all the Rav people who helped bail me out of running out of yarn), however Amy O'Neill Houck asked me to test a pattern for her and for Amy, I always say yes. She is still waiting for one last tester to report back to her, but the pattern should be available on her site shortly.

Unfortunately, after starting, I realized I only had Bodum pots, as well as an Adagio tea brewer, but did find a little one cup pot I had-so with some minor tweaks, was able to test the pattern out using less than half a skein of Patons SWS.

I like how it came out-the top was a bit too big (because I didn't realize the pot size until after I started the top part and was measuring how long the sides had to be-but it was easily fixed up a bit (if you've ever frogged SWS once, you don't wanna do it again). But it came out cute-easy pattern and, for my little pot, took about 1 1/2 hours of watching TV/crocheting at the same time.


Kari said...

awesome hope all is well

Amy said...

So cute! Thanks for testing it.

April said...

That is SO cute!

noricum said...


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