Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just saying "Hey"

Haven't posted because I've been super busy and yes and STILL working on the baby blanket and also, internet problems. It's been slow as crap (Elena and games online) and I finally got around to deleting a bunch of pics and stuff that have been uploaded to Flickr or Photobucket and not needed. I also got rid of the gmail notifier toolbar, which made a HUGE difference, but now I have to remember to check gmail daily.

Also, internet was down yesterday, almost all day from early afternoon til later-fixed now, but I know I owe emails (Tina especially) and Tina-a cat isn't enough for the snake problem-I am thinking mountain lion. I'll send a quick email off to you with my regular email addy.

Mimi blogged today about getting her copy of the 2009 CPAD calendar. Apparently, I have three patterns in it, which shows how slow publishing is because I didn't remember two of them even being submitted and the 2010 submission deadline is looming and I already sent one in, so I supposed I'll forget a year from now again what I submitted. I also wondered why I hadn't received mine (Mimi is in the Philippines and I know she got hers super late last year). I wrote to Susan Ripley and apparently they just started sending them out and are shipping them alphabetically, no matter what country they are sending to-so that explains why Mimi got her (her last name starts with an "A") and I guess mine will be way towards the end shipments.

I promise, now that the computer problems have sort of semi-resolved, more postings.


Mimi said...

How time flies...we have submitted to the calendar for the past few years and still counting ;)

April said...

Thank you for reminding me. I'm submitting my Mary-Jane's pattern for 2010! :)

I shudder to think what your snake problem is. Yikes!

Lucy said...

you're forgiven!

Linda F. said...

Hey! RE remembering to read your gmail. Do you happen to use Google for your homepage? You can set that up with gadget that shows you your most recent gmail!

noricum said...

Did you know that you can set up your regular mail reader to access your google mail?

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