Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's a Shocker-NOT

Clay is Gay

Not that it matters, cause it doesn't-however why it took sooooo long for him to come out, I'll never know. Perhaps the whole "artificial insemination with the 52 year old woman" thing was too obvious-but didn't we all know this already???? Why the games? Was there anyone out there caught off guard by this???

Again, this makes headline news on Comcast Homepage-sheesh, this didn't appear til tonight and, again, did this catch anyone by surprise? Ya think the US is in serious financial crisis? Glad it finally dawned on him-only 117 days left.


Linda said...

I was beginning to think that Bush thought if he just ignored the problem, it would go away.
I'm not a music fan, so when I saw your post my first thought was, "Clay who?"

Laura said...

My thoughts exactly about the second part! Isn't it funny how Bush is just not acknowledging/admitting that something is wrong with the economy, when he only has a couple of months left in office? I'm convinced he's only doing in a pathetic attempt to make the Republicans look better (and get McCain into office).

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