Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chunky Brimmed Hat-FO

I am getting bad about posting, I know-not much going on. My CPAD 2009 calendar came in last week and yes, I did have three patterns in it (doh!) and I decided to make my Chunky Brimmed Hat/Chapeau, but what a difference 1 1/2 years make and how your skills change. I kicked it up a bit, tweaked it and came up with what I happen to like much better.

Same pattern, stopped increases at round 6 for a smaller size, switched direction on the brim to keep it rolled up more smoothly and did an edging around the brim. About 22" in circumference and fits nicely without being snug. This uses only one skein of Lion Wool Ease Thick & Quick and I am happy with the results. I love this pattern personally because I hate seams on my hats at the join. I posted this one on my etsy shop and am working on another right now.


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April said...

LOVE the hat. Would be perfect for the East Coast winter that we're in for pretty soon. I bet this would make a great gift item too. It's a style most people like. Can't wait to buy the calendar this year!

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