Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Brilliant Award

Although I wouldn't consider my site "Brilliant", Yasmin has awarded me this award and I thank her.

So without further ado, I bestow my awards to the following: CraftyAndy, who has made mucho usage of his webcam and You Tube; Some Snappy Title, who kicks it up a notch; Sharing the Moment, who always has something on her hooks and/or sticks; Tiff Crochets, who never fails to have some sort of link I can't resist and finally Exploring Pandora's Yarn Box (April), who went from using one hook size and just a handful of yarn to a full fledged fiber fanatic now.

If you are so inclined, please pass this award to a few of your blogging world pals.


April said...

HA! I was actually reminiscing the other day about way back when, when I would only slip stitch with my "Q" hook and Lion Thick and Quick, and marvel at how many (boring, bad) hats I could make in a day. I almost hated worsted weight and couldn't handle using small hooks. It kills me now to think it! Meanwhile I'm making a wool shawl with lace weight Kauni yarn and loooooooooving it. Funny how the world changes in such a short time.

You know, to be honest, I would not be where I am without the help of the blog world, you included. So your award from Yasmin is well deserved, my dear.

Slick said...

Heeeeey, congrats Girl!!!

luv2stitch said...

Omg! Congrats to you and Thank YOU! We just returned from our road trip. I have a ton of clothes to wash and was just about to run to the supermarket to restock the 'fridge when I logged on to check bloglines. Lo & behold, I'm skimming through the blogs and see this post. Thanks again.

Andy's Crafts said...

Thank You Deneen, it is an honor to keep people entertained and myself out of trouble lol! You are a great inspiration to many, just know that. I will find some recipients as well.

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