Tuesday, September 02, 2008

All Is Right In the World Again

Ah yes, found yarn to finish the bag complained about in the previous post-enough to make another, if this one works out great and if it doesn't, I'll make it my own way. Ravelry rocks. Plus I bought some brown roving to make dreads from that if it doesn't work out with yarn. Amazingly, which will show my age, I found out how to make them from a site that has how to make dreads for your hair from wool. I found this disturbing (in the bizarro world way) and cannot imagine wearing wool dreads attached to my head-lets face it, I would be smelling sheep shit all day-wool has that smell if it got damp and I can't imagine how itchy my head would be, but to each his own.

Baby Blanket one started, my Bubbles Pattern and it's going swimmingly.

Gorgeous weather.

Birthday was relaxing, Elena bought me a button that says "I raised the World's Greatest Kid"-the kid kills me, honestly.

Elena is feeling better, she had some stomach virus thing that lasted 3 weeks-we even cut our beach vacation short by 2 days, but she seems much better now.

School starts here in two days and it saddens me-some say I am crazy, but I like hanging out with my daughter and miss her a lot when she's at school and don't like the hectic morning routine much.

Not much else going on. I owe a few emails, I know and will get back to ya'll.

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Cindy said...

I'm sure the bobbles blanket will turn out great. I've just been making hats to give to charity and not much else. I logged into Ravelry today and decided I am going to start working on some birthday presents. First up, a scarf for my sister.

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