Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No, not ignoring the blog, we went away for a few days-to the beach. Wonderful weather-the beach was great. No projects done, a book or two read and just gearing up for the last "official" weekend of the summer, which for us means just hanging out, celebrating my birthday (which actually falls on Labor Day this year and no, not telling how damn old I am going to be-it shocks even me) and getting ready for school to start next Thursday.

A few pics to share (new ones of me and mini-me)
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(Elena met a someone there to hang with)
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All pics are clickable(I know Mimi is fascinated by the ocean here) -I couldn't get Photobucket bulk uploader to work and wasn't into dealing with Flickr-so I used Blogger pics, which are a PITA!


Stacy said...

It does look like it was gorgeous, and that's a totally cute suit you're sporting!

Mimi said...

Wonderful pics, Deneen!
Wow, Elena looks so lovely and so grownup...like I didn't see her in your blog for a long time.
Happy birthday!! Everyone's getting old...but I won't say my age either ;)

luv2stitch said...

Happy Birthday, Deneen! My daughter's birthday is Sept. 2. She's going to be 21...I have no idea how THAT happened because I swear I just turned 21 in April. Anyway, you have a fantastic day. Looks like we have the same school/vacation schedule. My high school son starts on the Thurs. after Labor Day. We've been soaking up the sun at the beach, too.

Maven said...

Fantastic pics, you look happy and healthy:)

Have a wonderful birthday, girlie!

Kari said...

Welcome back!
Sounds lovely!
You are looking great. Elena has grown so much.
Happy early birthday!

Linda said...

Elena has really grown over the summer. You're right. She does look like a mini-you.

Happy Birthday!

Slick said...

Geeeez Deneen? Went to the beach and I got no invite???

Some friend you are...

Looks like ya'll had great fun. That should count for something, right?

elaines630 said...

Happy Birthday!! I sure wish I was sitting on a beach right now!

April said...

Happy early birthday! Jealous of the beach (and the tan...I was hoping for a healthy glow this summer, but not so much).

The potholders are great, I'm a believer. :) Thanks again.

Andy's Crafts said...

Love the Beach, you look very relaxed!

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

happy birthday. you guys look great. i am so sad beach weather is over. not looking forward to the winter.

Laura said...

Happy early birthday! That's a nice looking beach - it looks a lot cleaner than our smelly Lake Erie here in Cleveland.

Wow, schools go back late in some cities. My kids started back to school on August 21st (Catholic schools) and the area public schools all went back this week.

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