Monday, August 04, 2008

I Really Am Still Here

I have some simple FO's to post:

1)Eco Warrior Crochet Shopping Bag(scroll down). Many changes-first off Moda Dea Ticker Tape 2 3/4 skeins. I bought this off a destash on Ravelry and didn't think they wouldn't be matching dyelots (grrrrrr), but you couldn't tell.

Hook: 6.5 mm
Changes-additional 10 rounds (29 instead of 19) and then the last rounds of the pattern. Strap-ch 46 for a shoulder strap.
It measures, without straps about 11" long, however easily stretches to 22" and is comfortable to carry. I love the bag and it'll be perfect for the beach, etc.

Then with the leftover 1/4 skein, another water bottle holder (I might be a tad off on the amount-but both items took all three skeins). I used a 6.5 mm hook, made the bottom the same as rounds 1 & 2 and then did round 3 in both loops (this pattern) and then did a ch 3, skip 2, sc in next around. The holder is tiny looking, but stretches easily to hold the bottle (although Elena complains when she runs with it, the bottle can slide out-so maybe a round of decreases on the top row is suggested.) The straps were done chaining enough to go across her shoulder and then sc back a fourth a few times. Took about 1/2 hour and it stretches decently and is fine for walking around and tiny enough to tuck into your bag if you aren't using it. It was a "finish up the last bit of it" project.

I had a skein of Cotton Tots laying around and finally made some washcloths with it. Surprisingly, I like using the yarn and how nicely they wash and dry-who wouldn't guessed?

I am actually working on a wearable-shocking, I know. I am testing the pattern for Mike, only it's longer and called "Elegant Capelet Pattern" (Rav link) and it's totally awesome. I plan to make it for my mother. It's still in the "testing mode", but I really like how it's coming out.

I have also been spending too much time on Ravelry on Karma Yarn Swap and quite honestly, it's a very bad thing :)


bron said...

I love your projects - makes me want to do some small stuff again.

That pattern looks great - happy testing!

April said...

Oooh give a shout out if you think of it when his pattern is ready for sale. I'd love to buy it...I'm looking to make a capelet or shawl for the office and this would be perfect. It gets pretty chilly in here in the winter, and I'd love something I can take on and off. Something not too dressy but not too grandma-shawl-ish, you know?

Love the bag, too. How did you like the Ticker Tape? My Joann has a ton of it on clearance and I wondered about it. I think it's $1.29 per skein?

Andy's Crafts said...

The caplet is beautiful, karma yarn swap sounds too tempting lol!

Slick said...

I could fill that with a lot of stuff....

The only thing wrong is that people would be able to see the contents.

You me and my secret stuff...

Hope you been doing good, girl!

noricum said...

You're still here... and I'm back, finally getting caught up on your posts!

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